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* The site is not to diagnose diseases, nor to give medical or therapeutic prescriptions, but guidance only and helps the mother or father to understand the nature of some diseases and does not make it go to the doctor or hospital and provides Nsaih guidance only and do not need to implement so the child must be presented to the doctor.

* The site is not responsible for the use of any medical prescriptions on it and must refer to the doctor.

* The site is not responsible for the publication of any comment or political or religious image or a violation of the ethics of one of the members and when we notify him is deleted member.

* The doctor on his personal page is fully responsible for any words he writes and is responsible for any political or immoral words written by them and responsibility rests on the writer of speech.

* Please report any irregularities .

* When the member posted any questions or information or pictures or attachments and agreed to publish for the year the site is not responsible for the privacy of these images or any exploitation of them.

* Doctor in paid calls is responsible for anything written.

* You enter as a member and send question or personal images and appearance of the year and others of your responsibility and the site and the application of the doctor is not responsible for the child and we ask the question or information about you or images with your consent.

* In case that the subscriber / member requests to obtain medicines to the house, they are requested and delivered through 3elagi app ... the subscriber / member can add any other medicines or supplies.

* In this regard, Tmeny app is not responsible for any financial accounts or medication errors that occur between the subscriber / member and 3elagi app. Also, Tmeny app is not responsible for any subscriber / member data such as the mobile number or the address that is sent to 3elagi app.

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