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Tmeny is a pediatric platform dedicated to create a direct contact between parents and doctors. Tmeny is the leading company in the Middle East in healthcare IT platforms as through our services, we empower seamless communication between different specialist doctors and mothers who need health consultations for their children.

Providing a website and an application has built a dynamic, fast, smart and innovative culture about mothers and their children care. The site is available 24 hours a day. The challenge was to create a unique mark and yet simple to help in shaping and standing out Tmeny between applications and sites of the same medical field. Love, care, baby, mother, and nature was our main five messages we involved in our concept.

A group of pediatricians, obstetrics & gynecology and dermatologist are available with the duty towards providing the necessary awareness and the right advice as soon as possible without any expenses to help parents understand the various stages of the child's life and how to deal with situations correctly.

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